Film is one of those things that can display the emotions of your day in a way that sometimes makes it hard for photos. I started as a photographer so I know the importance of them but at the same time video can play just as big of a part.

I actually added videography to my business after watching my parents wedding video and absolutely love watching back those moments that I wasn't able to witness myself. I saw my pop give my mother away, I saw my dad see my mum walking down the aisle in her dress and blubbering like a baby, I got to hear my grandfather give a speech on all the silly things my dad did as a kid but now was much more tamed since my mum came along. I had seen many many photos from their wedding but the video was something else. It gave me chills like I had not had before and I must take after my dad because by the end of the video I, myself was blubbering like a baby.

Video Packages inclusions:

1 Videographer

60 second trailer delivered within 48 hours of the Wedding

6-8min cinematic Highlight film

Film delivered in 4K resolution via online link

Drone Coverage (if location permits within Australian regulations)

(Please note this does not include the full video of the ceremony and speeches. This can be added on)

Peterson House, April 2023

Nat & Tony

Videography Packages

8 Hours Coverage

8 Hours coverage is a great way to capture getting ready onwards. Capturing the getting ready shots is a really amazing way to tell a cinematic story. It can show what you were doing whilst your partner was getting ready.


10 Hours Coverage

10 Hours coverage is the perfect package for those that don't want to miss a moment captured. Whether that be some extra getting ready time or more time to capture the dance floor.


Ultimate Video Coverage

Our 8 hour package with a gorgeous 6 min cinematic film plus light edits of your ceremony in full and speeches in full from multiple different camera angles.

4, 700

What is our style and approach to Wedding Videography?

Our style is candid, natural and authentic to the feel of your day. I like to think of myself as a little ninja that does what needs to be done to get the shot.....whether that is climbing trees or scaling a balcony (yes those have been done before).

The most common thing I get from my clients is that they say they don't really know what to do in photo and videos......dont worry about any of that. I will be chatting to you the whole time you'll forget I am even filming you......and by chatting I really mean either making a fool of myself or giving you some banter to feel comfortable. That may be giving the groom shit for being late getting in the shower when I arrived at the house that morning or giving the bride crap about putting the ring on the wrong finger during the ceremony. Whatever it is we will feel like best friends by the end of the day and that's exactly what I want you to feel like!

Leaves & Fishes, Hunter Valley

Cinematography FAQ

How are you different from other wedding videographers?

Starting out as a photographer for so long I was able to watch what goes on at weddings, all the little things that make it hard to portray in an image. I knew there and then that I had to start offering video as well. Video can capture emotions in ways that sometimes can be overlooked in an image. And that is where audio comes in.
We love it when couples write their own vows, when the officiant says something really profound about how they met or when there are speeches during the reception. We then use all the amazing audio we capture to tell the story of your wedding in the most cinematic way possible.

What is included in the final product?

All films start off with a 6 min timeline. You can add on extras such as a longer film or even a full length ceremony and/or speeches film. Please check out our extra add ons for these options to be added to your package.

Types of Videos you can get within your package:
Cinematic Film- a short film that highlights the best moments of the wedding day in a non linear fashion meaning the video focuses on story telling and giving that raw emotional feeling just like you had on the day, thus, footage & speeches are sometimes shown out of chronological order to tell an engaging story. It is quite common for clients to share their highlight video on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks to family and friends. These kinds of videos create a cinematic style to increase the emotional impact through use of slow motion and transition effects, creative camera angles and dramatic music. It has that 'wow' factor to tell your story in a unique way.

Documentary Film- Segments are edited as they occur to preserve continuity. This style of editing produces a polished documentation of the day as it unfolds. This type of film includes the ceremony, speeches, first dance and any other large important moments through the day, captured in full. Please note that this needs to be added to your package before the wedding day as it changes the way we film slightly.

How will I receive my film?

We provide all our cinematic and documentary style films to you via an online link. Here you can watch your film back via phone, computer and even TV as well as download in high resolution. It also has the major feature of being able to share this with all your family friends so they too can watch and download the films.

What kind of equipment do you use?

Equipment really should be my middle name. Buying the latest gear is my major fault. I just can't help myself......but having the best of the best for my clients is what I want.
My Cameras shoot in 4K, the highest quality currently available on the consumer market. During the Wedding we have minimum 4 cameras available (and up to 9 cameras if you add on one of my team members as a second shooter).
During the ceremony one camera is faced at the groom from the side away and unobtrusive, the second facing the bride, again away to the side so as not to be obstructing anyone. The third will be at the end of the aisle behind the last row of guests. This is done again so as not to disturb your guests.
Filming your wedding is important but we also want your guests to feel the emotion of the day and be present in the moment without having to peer over a tripod. The 4th camera is our A camera. This is what captures those smooth motions of you walking dow the aisle, the guests emotions as they see the first kiss, the parents tears as they give away their child. The roving camera is not on a tripod but controlled by me your cinematographer and it goes wherever is needed to capture your wedding in full.

Do you give us the raw footage?

We are happy to give you the raw footage, but we’re pretty sure that you aren’t going to want it. Giving you the raw footage is like a baker giving you the ingredients for your cake but not baking it.
We shoot in a format that uses 12 bit colour ProRes RAW format (not just a basic video file that a phone can produce such as MP4) that requires specialised software to playback such as Final Cut Pro or Davinci Resolve. Please let us know before your wedding if you are wanting to purchase the RAW footage. Please note the RAW footage does not have sound as the audio is recorded separately on small microphones during the ceremony & speeches.

Can my family and friends order copies?

Of course! We offer two ways of your friends and family ordering your wedding DVD. Either you can order all the DVDs for everyone (and we will offer a discount on the discs if 10 or more are ordered at one time) or we can place the DVDs up for sale on our site so your friends and family can order a disc/usb themselves.
Our footage is filmed in 4K so we offer BluRays which can host such large files as well as DVD which will have a version of your video with High Definition footage rather than 4K Ultra HD.

Enzo Weddings, Hunter Valley

Kate & Russ

Screenshots from some films

Ash & Ricky, Adams Peak

Laura & Scott, Western Sydney

Sophie & Andrew, Tamworth NSW

Amber & Thomas, Somersby NSW

Some little film examples

Willow Tree, NSW

Sophie & Andrew, 26th of March 2022

Ottimo House, Western Sydney

Laura & Scott

“What I like about photographs and films is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce."

Picture it: it’s 30 years from now, and you’re sitting on at the beach with your sweetheart, watching the sun sink gently towards the horizon. You sigh, nostalgia weighing heavily in the evening air, and as you lean into your life partner’s shoulder you say, “remember how good the chicken was at our wedding?” *insert loud scratch noise here*

Well… that was awkward. Truth be told, 30 years from now, you probably won’t give a damn about what you ate that day. And when the nostalgia hits, you won’t reach for the car keys so you can go re-live your wedding dinner at the local restaurant… you’ll reach for the photo album or wedding film. That is where JP Creative steps in.

Willow Creek, NSW
The Entrance, Central Coast
Bimbadgen Palmers Lane, Hunter Valley

Your wedding is about you. Do what you want

A wedding is about you and your partner. Everything else is important, but ancillary. Whilst family and friends may have their input on what your wedding should have, it all comes down to what the two of you want. If you want an up do like Marge Simpson, you rock that hair style. If you want to arrive on the back of a Harley, you rev that engine. If you want to wear your birthday suit, you......hmm actually I think I can get in trouble for photographing those kinds of images so maybe let's skip that idea. But you get what I am saying. Do your wedding the way you visioned, invite the people you want and create the moments you will tell your great grandkids about!

Enjoy your day – your photos and film depend on it

Weddings are stressful, and some couples have planned for their big day their whole lives. But when the day arrives, don’t sweat the details. Things will go wrong – they always do. Your task now is not to stress over the little things, but to enjoy the day as it unfolds.

Be happy. Smile. Slow things down and enjoy all the moments. But mostly, enjoy the company of your new partner. Happiness = radiance = beautiful wedding photos and film.

Cancer wasn't getting in the way of these two getting hitched

Kaya & Chris